Moving for the Movement

We developed a workshop for designers and social justice activists based in Viewpoints and Composition, a philosophy and set of techniques for the theatre. Building on other experience prototyping and somatic methods, the workshop leads participants through the design of a hypothetical internet-enabled social justice campaign, encouraging them to imagine the felt-experience of networked social justice movement building in a socio-spatial context.

Robotic Futures*

Robotic Futures* is an immersive experience for small-size audiences and small-size robots that uses performance as a way to explore past and present ideas of what robots may be in the future and how they may become embedded in our homes and in our lives. Through this performance we set out to learn about the design of social robots for the home.

Medieval Robots: The Role of Historical Automata in the Design of Future Robots

By  Michal Luria, Juliet Pusateri, Judeth Oden Choi, Reuben Aronson, Nur Yildirim, Molly Wright Steenson Read more about the project and process on Michal's website. Link to full paper here. In this work, we ask about the relevance of medieval automata in modern culture, and about what we can learn from imagined robots in the …